How to easily set Jio caller tune on your number.

Jio Caller Tune Activation Guide is here.Well you are searching for jio caller tune activation process you come at the right place.In this article we will learn about 3 Best ways to Activate Jio caller tune on a jio number.After reading this article you are able to make your favourite song your caller tune.Jio provides jio caller tune service free with more than 4 lakhs song catalog which contains bollywood, hollywood ,devotional songs and many more.

Best 3 Ways to activate Jio caller Tune On Jio Sim

#1 Activate jio caller tune Using JioSaavn Music App

This is the most recommended Jio caller Tune Activation process.Because in JioSaavn Music App you can find your favourite song easily which you want to make your caller tune.Follow the given steps to set your jio tune using JioSaavn App:-

Set Jio caller tune
Jio Saavn app for Jio caller tune
  • Firstly you have to download the updated JioSaavn App.
  • Only download JioSaavn App from Google play store.
  • After Download the App Open it.
  • Login into the using your My Jio Account credentials or simply skip it will automatically detect your credentials.
  • Now search your favourite song and select it which you wish to make your jio caller tune.
  • Click on ‘Set as JioTune’ option.
  • Now a popup will open in your screen with Preview option.
  • Just list the song as preview and if you are satisfy with it confirm by hitting on ‘ Set as JioTune ’ option.
  • Now you have done very soon you will get an activation confirmation message from Jio.
  • They may be ask you to reply confirmation message with Y. If they ask send Y with your Jio sim.
  • If they don’t no need to do anything your Jio caller tune is active now.

#2 Copy Jio Caller Tune using Star Button

This is the easiest method to copy your friend,relative or any other jio caller tune by just tapping star from your mobile Dialpad. To copy caller tune of anyone just follow the steps:-

Set jio caller tune using star button
Set jio caller tune using ‘*’ Button
  • First Call on that number which you wish to copy caller tune.
  • When you call a sound will come ‘To copy this caller tune press star ’ then you have to press star button from your mobile Dialpad.
  • Then Jio will send you a confirmation message on your Jio number which in return you have to send a text reply ‘Y’.
  • Now an activation message will soon hit your message box.

#3 Activate Caller tune on Jio Number by sending SMS

You have three choices in this method to choice your favourite song. First by movie name,Second by Album name and last one by singer name.

set jio caller tune by sending sms
Set jio caller tune by sending Sms

If you want to go with this method then follow the given steps:-

  • Firstly Go on Message app in your mobile.
  • Then Type ‘JT’ and Send to 56789 and after that Use following Formats
MOVIE <Movie Name> and Send to 56789 (e.g. – MOVIE Bahubali and send it to 56789 )
ALBUM <Album Name> and Send to 56789 (e.g. – ALBUM Desi Kalakaar and send it to 56789)
SINGER <Singer Name> and Send to 56789 (e.g. – SINGER Neha Kakkar and send to 56789)
These are the formats you can absolutely try. After sending one of the message you will get an activation message by Jio.

Steps To Deactivate Caller tune on your Jio number

If you want to Deactivate Caller tune on your Number.You can deactivate it by 2 Methods.One by calling or second by sending Sms. Just Follow The Given Steps to deactivate Caller tune:-

Dial 155223 and call on it to deactivate Caller tune on your Number.Or Type an SMS ‘STOP’ and send it to 56789.Now you will get a message,then reply that message with 1.Now you have done your caller tune is deactivated now.


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