Best 5 racing games for android in 2019.

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Racing games enjoy great popularity for several reasons. They put it behind the fastest car / motorcycle wheels in the world, allow you to customize them and allow you to experience excitement while driving on challenging tracks. In addition, you can do all sorts of things in a racing game, unsafe in the real world like drifting or winding or reaching a speed of 200-250 km per hour with nitrous.

racing games for android 2019
Racing games for android 2019

If you are looking for a similar abundance, here is a list of the best racing games for your phones that will accelerate your adrenaline:

Best 5 Racing games for Android in 2019:

#1 Asphalt 9: Legends – 2019’s Action Car Racing Game

The first game in list of best racing games for Android in 2019 is Asphalt 9:Legends.

The Asphalt series will be familiar to anyone who has played portable games. The original game began in 2004, and the original game was launched on the Nokia N-Gage, the OG smartphone platform that people often forget these days when talking about smartphones.
Asphalt 9: Legends is the latest version of the Asphalt Racing Games series from Gameloft. The latest version brings incremental improvements to redefine the competitive racing experience for you. Coming soon in the Android Play store with a lot of licensed cars, cheerful graphics and more purchases within the application (expected).
But the conclusion is that Asphalt 9 is not in conflict with its core values, which causes its opponents to go out and uses ladders, nitroz and shortcuts to crown themselves as heroes.

#2 Real Racing 3

The second game in list of best racing games for Android in 2019 is Real Racing 3.

Real Racing 3 is a racing game based on Nascar / Street racing. You can update and customize your cars using the R $ game currency. You must create an account, but you can play with friends and you can increase the level to get bonuses.

It is the third game in the series. This game is only available in the App Store and Google does not play any game console. A large amount of data is needed due to the amount of downloads it requires.

They are driving aids. Different races cause different rewards. When you register for several days you get rewards.

You have the option of multiple controls and different game options. This game is similar to the Need For Speed ​​game or other car racing games. You can compete with other people to games where you also have allies.

I recommend this game to anyone wso ho likes car games or racing, as they are very interactive and progress quickly.

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#3 Asphalt 8:Airborne

The third game in list of best racing games for Android in 2019 is Asphalt 8:Airborne.

Asphalt 8: Airborne: the predecessor of Asphalt 9, continues to have great success in racing games. It is the most dynamic game, regardless of the races; it is necessary to perform high speed aerodynamics, deviations, falls and use of nitroses in an intelligent manner.

#4 CSR Racing 2

The forth game in list of best racing games for Android in 2019 is CSR Racing 2.

CSR Racing 2 is a completely different game from the previous racing game. He can not drive, accelerate or rest, but he wins a race with a minute of start and turns in time. It may not be as dynamic as contemporary racing games, but it requires extreme skill. A wrong start can cost you the race.

Players can enjoy CSR Racing 2 in one player, as well as in multiplayer mode. In addition, you can also customize your car with paint, rims, interior trim and functional elements such as gears and tire pressure.

#5 Powerboat Racing 3D

The fifth game in list of best racing games for Android in 2019 is Powerboat Racing 3D.

In Powerboat Racing 3D, the player gets a water bike to win a race on the favorite tracks. The game itself has different contests in career mode with more than forty levels of difficulty. You are free to compete against the computer or players around the world (four players maximum).
In addition, you can choose between different types of waterboats and improve them by winning races. The controls are clear and direct, where you can tilt the phone and press the screen to use turbines or brakes.


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